PPWO Requests Extension on Overtime NPRM Comment Period

On September 25, 2023, PPWO and 107 employer organizations submitted an extension request to the Department of Labor requesting an additional 60 days to the comment period on the agency’s proposed rulemaking altering the overtime pay regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Our letter explains, “Given the magnitude of this rule, an additional sixty days is reasonable and will ensure WHD will receive meaningful information, such as more accurate and informative comments, and better understand how the economy and workers will be impacted by the changes being considered.”

The rulemaking imposes a significant increase to the minimum salary threshold and automatically increases the threshold every three years. “These are significant changes that will have a massive impact on the economy and millions of current and future workers. Additional time is needed in the comment period to allow the regulated community to analyze the rulemaking, fully assess the potential impact the changes will have on the economy, business operations, and workers, and develop comprehensive comments.”