PPWO Urges Congressional Support of Overtime Pay Flexibility Act to Nullify DOL’s Ill-Considered and Ill-Advised Overtime Rule

On March 7, the Partnership to Protect Workplace Opportunity and 84 employer organizations sent a letter to Congress urging support of H.R. 7367, the Overtime Pay Flexibility Act, which would prohibit the Department of Labor from finalizing, implementing, or enforcing its proposed overtime pay rulemaking.

If allowed to go into effect, DOL’s rule will negatively impact employers from all sectors and force millions of workers to lose access to critical benefits, their hard-fought status in the workplace, opportunities for career advancement, flexible work arrangements, and potentially their jobs entirely.

The Overtime Pay Flexibility Act would protect workers, American businesses, and the economy from this disastrous policy. We urge Congress to pass this much-needed legislation and require DOL to abandon this misguided rulemaking and go back to the drawing board if it wishes to make changes to the overtime regulations.