PPWO Urges DOL to Delay Implementation of New Overtime Final Rule

On May 9, the Partnership to Protect Workplace Opportunity sent a letter to the Department of Labor urging them to delay until at least September 1, 2024, the first increase to the minimum salary threshold under the Department’s new overtime final rule.

The following can be attributed to PPWO spokesman Edwin Egee, Vice President, Government Relations and Workforce Development, National Retail Federation:

“DOL is expecting the regulated community to implement a 23% increase to the minimum salary threshold in only two months. This includes small businesses, nonprofit organizations, higher education institutions, state and local governments, and public entities.

“PPWO and the 87 other employer organizations from all corners of the economy that have joined the letter are urging DOL to reconsider their timeline and delay implementation until at the very earliest September 1, 2024. A delay would ensure the employer community can adjust to the new rule appropriately.”