The Department of Labor is trying to push through significant changes to the overtime pay regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act at a time when our economy is still struggling to recover from the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Supply chains are disrupted, inflation is dangerously high, and worker shortages are plaguing industries across the economy.

The proposal:

Raises the minimum salary threshold under which workers must be paid overtime for all hours worked over 40 in a given workweek. DOL expects to increase the threshold to $60,209 in 2024, a nearly 70% increase from the current $35,568. The final rule could include an even higher threshold. DOL is making this change despite the last increase to the salary threshold occurring only four years ago. That means that this increase, if finalized, would result in an over 154% increase in the minimum salary threshold since 2018, a massive burden on the employer community.

Automatically updates the threshold every three years, regardless of the economic circumstances at the time. Increases will occur even if a recession hits, another pandemic knocks down the economy, or inflation reaches historic heights. This change will only exacerbate any economic problems we’re experiencing.

DOL’s rulemaking will cause labor costs to skyrocket and put the economy at risk. It will destroy worker morale by eliminating middle management positions, flexible work arrangements, and worker development and career advancement opportunities.

ACT NOW and tell DOL and your members of Congress that this is bad policy at a terrible time. Join thousands of other employers who are petitioning leaders in Washington to stop this rulemaking.

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